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Patient Information

Practice Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide the highest standard of patient care whilst incorporating a holistic approach towards diagnosing and managing illnesses. We are committed to promoting health, wellbeing and disease prevention to all our patients. We treat all patients with dignity and respect, regardless of their nationality and ethnicity.

Privacy and Confidentiality

All consultations are confidential. We value your privacy; therefore all patient details, including health and financial details, are kept private. There is also a patient privacy policy brochure available at reception.


Most of the consultations at the clinic are by appointment. The receptionist staff will attempt to allocate a time that is most suitable for you. It would also be helpful if you mention to the receptionists before booking your appointment whether it would be a standard appointment (10 mins) or a long appointment (20 mins+), which is for multiple or complex problems.

Online bookings are also available Health Engine. We also have walk-in appointments available. We will book you in with an available doctor but you may have to wait. Once all same day appointments are filled, we will not be accommodating any additional requests.


Laser acupuncture is one of the many services offered at the clinic. Please be aware there are private fee charges. The fee of a standard acupuncture treatment (<20 mins) is $60, long acupuncture treatment (20-40 mins) $95, prolonged acupuncture treatment (>40mins) $135.

Waiting Time

We are aware of the importance of our patients’ time and endeavour to see our patients at their booked times. Unfortunately due to a range of reasons this is not always possible. If your doctor is running behind schedule you may be offered an alternate doctor that is available, but the choice will be entirely yours. Alternatively, you can ring 30 minutes prior your appointment to check on doctor's schedule and choose to come in at the estimated time given to you by the receptionists.


We provide bulk billing for general consultations to all patients who hold a valid Medicare card. However, private fees are applied for laser acupuncture treatment, minor procedures and services not covered by Medicare. Additional charges are applied for vaccines and all other consumable materials.

For patients without a valid Medicare card, a standard private billing consultation is $60, a long consultation is $95 and a prolonged consultation is $135.

A full fee schedule is available at our front desk. We accept credit cards and have EFTPOS facilities.

Telephone Calls and Communication with Doctors

Most telephone inquiries are taken by the receptionist staff. Our doctors are available to speak with patients if necessary. Reception staff will ask the patient to briefly explain the reason for the call to determine if the Doctor should be interrupted during a consultation or an internal message sent. This is to avoid interrupting another patient’s consultation.


It is important that you exercise your responsibility to follow up your test results. To ensure optimal medical care and understanding of your health, all results, even if they are normal, require an appointment with the doctor for discussion.

The Practice will contact you regarding any urgent results so please update us with your contact details should there be any changes. Please be aware that the practice staff is unable to discuss any test results over the phone.

Repeat Scripts and Referrals

Repeat prescriptions require an appointment with your doctor to ensure that your medication and medical condition are being managed appropriately. Occasionally, when an appointment is not required , a non debatable fee of $15 is charged to cover the doctor's administrative time. It would be advisable to give 48 hour's notice so the doctor can refer to your file and prepare the prescription.

A standard appointment will be required for any ongoing referrals.

Home Visits

Home visits are available to patients who are not able to come to the clinic due to their medical condition. Most home visits are conducted during the evening but if it is urgent, an available doctor will come and see you as soon as possible.

Clinical Recall and Reminder System

The surgery has a recall and reminder system to assist patient care. A clinical reminder sms or letter will be forwarded from the nursing staff, should an appointment be required.

Cancellation Policy

All changes or cancellation of appointment are required at least 24 hours’ notice or a No-Show/Cancellation fee of $62 is applied.

After Hours and Emergency

The surgery employs a locum service to provide medical care to patients after hours and in the event of an emergency.

When our clinic is closed during weekdays before 11pm, please call 0490 173 469 (Kingsway Medical Clinic) for after hours medical service. Please note that there will be an additional $100 call out fee on top of the consultation fees for this service.

After 11pm on weekdays, all days on weekends and public holidays, please call National Home Doctor Service at 13 7425 (13SICK) and our locum services will assist you.

Patient feedback and complaints

If you have a complaint or concern about the service you have received from the Doctors or any staff working in this Practice, please feel free to discuss with our practice manager. If you are still not satisfied or would like to take the concern further, you may contact the health services commissioner:

Health Services Commissioner
Complaints and Information
Telephone: 1300 582 113
Fax no: (03) 9032 3111

Or write to:

Health Services Commissioner
Level 26, 570 Bourke Street
Melbourne 3000


荣耀家医诊所的理念是提供最高标准的护理,综合疾病诊断和治疗方案为患者服务 ,我们诊所致力于为所有的患者促进健康,保证福利和疾病的预防。我们统一对待和尊重所有的患者,不分国籍和种族。


所有咨询都被保密。我们重视您的隐私; 因此,所有患者的详细资料,包括健康和财务细节,都被保密。接待处设有患者隐私和保密的小册子供参考。



  • 家庭医学
  • 男性健康
  • 女性健康
  • 兒童健康
  • 儿童免疫疫苗
  • 旅行疫苗接种
  • 精神及心理健康
  • 慢性病管理
  • 皮肤癌检查
  • ECG心电图
  • 小型手术
  • 就业前医疗
  • 体重管理
  • 病例化验
  • 養老院探訪
  • 交通及工伤意外
  • 针灸(另有收费标准)








我们诊所营业6天,如果您有澳洲医保卡(Medicare Card) 那您将享有医疗保健费用全额覆盖的医疗保障(Bulk Bill)。小型手术及材料需另外收费。

对没有澳洲医疗卡(Medicare card)的收费标准: 普通咨询: $60 , 长时间咨询: $95,特长时间咨询: $135。有关完整的收费表 ,请向前台接待员查询。

我们接受信用卡/ 现金付费,同时设有EFTPOS付费设施。








患者如果需要任何转介信, 都需要与医生预约。






为了您自己和他人看诊的方便,请您至少提前24 小时打电话取消预约,这样我们可以有足够的时间帮您更改预约,并把您的预约时间安排给其他有需要的患者。如果你在24小时之内取消预约,或者是没来看诊的话,我们将有权向您收取$62的费用。



周一至周五下班时间后至夜间11点以前,如有 需要紧急看诊,请致电0490 173 469,此服务将收取当次诊疗费及$ 100的额外服务费。若在夜间11点之后、周末及所有公众假期时间内需要看诊,请拨打13 7425 (13 SICK)联系看诊服务。




Health Services Commissioner
Complaints and Information
电话: 1300 582 113
传真号码: (03) 9032 3111


Health Services Commissioner
Level 26, 570 Bourke Street
Melbourne 3000